About Chainsaw Chuck

Cartoonist, Chainsaw Chuck Majewski

Cartoonist, Chuck Majewski was born in the windy city of Chicago, growing up among the constant clanging of machinery and the howling of shift whistles from the local factories. In his early years his artistic mind was awakened by Rat Fink, and he would spend countless hours drawing endless parades of Rat Finks on everything possible. This was good practice for what would present itself to him later in life.

Early in his adolescents, Chuck was trans-located to Florida’s suncoast beaches. The laid back, tourist atmosphere may have been calm and serene, but Chuck’s animated mind was vigorously inventing and sketching cartoon characters, developing and mastering artistic techniques, and consuming his fair share of coffee.

Chuck’s future as an artist became more evident when he got a call from California, with a request from Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth who wanted Chuck to work on his Rat Fink comic book series. This invitation led the now, ‘Chainsaw Chuck‘ to the West Coast and its Kustom Kulture Art Scene. In this period of Chuck’s life and his creativity, he created the ‘lost, Hula Girl which was to become one of the most popular surf icon designs ever. The popularity of Chainsaw Chuck’s Hula Girl prompted a new line of surf designs, created exclusively for Mad Tiki. Today, Chainsaw Chuck is still busy creating new cartoon characters, and has created a full line of surf designs and pin-up art.



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